Leena Chandavarkar

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In her time during the 1970s, Leena Chandavarkar vied for the number one spot as a heroine in Bollywood and appeared in a whole string of fluff entertainers with all the top romantic actors of her day. Today, as an actress she is nearly forgotten. Of her 40 or so films none could be considered 'classic' yet they typified the light entertainment and romantic melodrama that fuels the bread and butter of Hindi Popular Cinema.

Leena Chandavakar possessed that modern freshness and vivacious youthful energy that was the hallmark of the 'new' Bollywood heroine that appeared in the late 60s and early 70s. She was modern, yet valued tradition, sexy, but also a virginal innocent, and as Dinesh Raheja termed her in his rediff.com profile, "positively perky" and a "spitfire". She possessed that complete package of the quintessential Bollywood heroine and captured the imagination of the Hindi movie going public.




Leena was 'discovered' by the actor/director Sunil Dutt and he put her under the mentorship of his wife Nargis to have her groomed for the Bollywood screen. Under Nargis, Leena who was from the small South Indian city of Karwar was taught Hindi, Bollywood and Western style dancing, and film acting techniques. She debuted in the Sunil Dutt film "Man Ka Meet" (1969) opposite Dutt's brother Som. Som went nowhere but Leena made an impact. Her youthful beauty, flawless porcelain skin and perky personality more than made up for her accented Hindi and limited acting skills and she soon rose to the A-List of Bollywood heroines.

In 1974 Leena married Siddharth Bandodkar and retired from films. Tragically Siddharth died in an accident early into their marriage. Later Leena Married Kishore Kumar and she began acting again, appearing in some films in the 1980s. Her son with Kishore, Sumeet Kumar is now a singer carrying on in his famous father's shoes. Leena Chandavarkar is still as beautiful as ever. She lives a domestic and serene life away from the footlights.


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