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Nimmi from "Daag" [1952]

Nimmi was the perennial and ultimate 'unkissed' village beauty of Bollywood's 'Golden Era' of the 1950s. She was a vivacious untrained natural performer, who brought an air of uninhibited spontaneity to her characterizations. Physically, Nimmi was possibly Hindi Popular Cinema's most diminutive heroine, she was about 5 foot tall (152cm) in shoes, with expressive saucer eyes, an unpretentious innocence, and an underlying eroticism that made her a favorite of the movie going public.

She debuted in Raj Kapoor's "Barsaat" [1949] when she was 17 years old where she played the role of a naive, hopelessly romantic, mountain girl. It was a character she would go on to reprise in a number of films throughout the 1950s. Nimmi acted with all the top actors of her day and had a special on screen chemistry with Dilip Kumar. They made a hit on-screen pairing and starred in 5 films together among them, "Deedar", "Daag", and "Amar".





Nimmi with Dilip Kumar from "Daag" [1952]

Film director and producer Mehboob Khan (Mother Earth, Aan) who was a family friend of Nimmi's parents had taken the then 16 year old Nimmi as a visitor onto the sets of his film "Andaz". Raj Kapoor spotted her and as legend goes offered Nimmi, who had never acted before, one of the lead roles in his next film, "Barsaat". The film has gone on to become one of the classics of Hindi Popular Cinema.

As her career progressed, Nimmi delved into film production and started her own banner. She made the film "Danka" as both star and producer. Nimmi fell in love and married screen writer S. Ali Reza who penned some of Mehboob Khan's greatest hits such as "Andaz" and "Amar". After her marriage Nimmi retired from the film industry.




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