Waheeda Rehman

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What to say about Waheeda Rehman? That she had the most amazing bone structure, the best cheekbones in Bollywood? That she could display scorn better than any other actress? That her down turned at the edges smile conveyed reams of smoldering desire? That she was a trained classical dancer and her acting style was gracefully naturalistic in comparison to the histrionics of the period? That she was fluent in Hindi, Urdu, and Tamil? That she is Muslim, one of the few Muslim actresses working in Bollywood especially during the 50s and 60s? That Waheeda Rehman was Guru Dutt's muse? That she and Dutt were lovers on screen and off even after Dutt's marriage and it was one of the smoldering legendary love affairs of Bollywood history? That some say Guru Dutt committed suicide because he could not be with Waheeda? That a Waheeda Rehman performance does not go out of style but ages into a classic of understatement...?

Vijay Anand's "Guide" starring Dev Anand and Waheeda Rehman is considered one of the all time great films of Indian Cinema. It is up there in my personal 5 all-time greatest Bollywood movies. It is a superb melodrama and in 1966 "Guide" swept the Filmfare Awards (Indian Oscars) for best film, actor, and actress.

Here is a photo gallery of 18 film captures (photoshop'ed and cleaned up) I took from the DVD of "Guide". They are all stills of Waheeda in what is considered her best role as Rosie the dancer. I put up this extensive photo gallery of Waheeda Rehman images because there are not enough quality shots of her on the web and she deserves to be seen in a clear light.



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